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Jazz++ Midi Sequencer

About the Jazz++ Midi Sequencer

A number of years ago, two adventurous souls embarked on a mission to write a cross-platform MIDI sequencer with the intent of selling it commercially. For one reason or other, they decided to turn it into an open source application around the turn of the century, and now we have Jazz++ as an open source application licensed under the GNU GPL.

The Jazz++ Midi Sequencer is an excellent application for recording and mixing MIDI sequences, and for many years was the only stable application like it that ran under both Windows and Linux. Unfortunately, it has not been well maintained and was starting to look a little long in the tooth. It was also written with the venerable wxWindows version 1.68, which is not only now obsolete, but isn't even called wxWindows anymore.

In order to return Jazz++ to relevance, and in the process turn it into the only stable MIDI sequencer that runs under both Windows and Linux, we have gone ahead and forked the source code that was available at http://www.jazzware.com/ (the old Jazzware site) and are in the process of porting it to wxWidgets 2.9.2. In the process, we'll also be fixing numerous other problems that exist in the code and hopefully find a way to get it to run for Mac OS X as well.

This is a big job! We need all the help we can get. If you want to test the application, check it out from the Subversion repository, build it, and give it a run. If you want to develop, check out the mailing lists and get in touch. We need you!

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