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Building Tex2RTF

Tex2RTF uses a non-stock build of the wxWidgets library. See the wxWidgets build instructions to create and install the non-stock wxWidgets build. This non-stock wxWidgets build must be available before using the instructions on this page.

Building Tex2RTF for Linux

  1. Change directory to the OutsideSource directory you created when building wxWidgets.
    cd OutsideSource
  2. Checkout the Tex2RTF source code using the following command. You must have a Subversion client loaded on your machine.
    svn checkout svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/tex2rtf/code/trunk tex2rtf
  3. Change directory to the created tex2rtf directory and run the autoreconf command.
    cd tex2rtf
    autoreconf --install --verbose
  4. Change directory to the OutsideSource directory under your home directory and create a directory called Tex2rtfBuild. This directory should be in parallel with the tex2rtf source tree directory. Change directory to that location.
    cd ..
    mkdir Tex2rtfBuild
    cd Tex2rtfBuild
  5. Run the configure script generated by the autoreconf command.
  6. Run make using the following command. This will write a file called BuildLog that may be useful if you run into trouble.
    make 2>&1 | tee BuildLog
  7. If all goes well with the build, install tex2rtf using the following command.
    sudo make install

You should now have a tex2rtf binary in /usr/local/bin.

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