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Downloading Jazz++

Currently, only a source tarball is available, It is of limited functionality, and many features are as yet unimplemented and/or simply not enabled. It has been made available solely as a placeholder for things to come, and historically remarks where the current development initiative of the Jazz++ project started out.

You would probably have more success attempting to build the source obtained from our Subversion repository. At the moment, only the source in Subversion is truly indicative of the current 'state-of-play' with the Jazz++ code.

Simply put -- we aren't ready to produce binary distributions yet, and the same goes for release tarballs : there are none, not yet. We encourage people to get a little involved, give building the Jazz++ source from our Subversion respository a try, and report on what they find. Things like this help eventuate release binary and tarball dates, however at present (Nov 2008) it is impossible to accurately predict when in the future these dates might be.

If you still want to just give the currently available 'minimal functionality' source tarball a try, you will first need to compile and install a non-stock build of wxWidgets 2.9.2 to build Jazz++ itself, and the tex2rtf utility which Jazz++ depends on. View the Building wxWidgets page and Building Tex2rtf for details.

Download the Jazz++ source tarball from SourceForge.

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