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Jazz++ MIDI Sequencer Documentation

At present it is still early days for the 'revitalized' Jazz++ project, and this portion of the web site is still under construction. This means you may not find the answer you are looking for here, and you may also find that the platform/OS of your choice might not yet be mentioned here.

In fact, right now this section may only be of interest to Linux users, but do not despair!! The revised documentation for the new 'revitalized' Jazz++ project is in the process of being re-written, and so updates to this and other pages of our website are always forthcoming.

If you would like to stay informed of updates to this documentation and to Jazz++ itself, consider joining our jazzplusplus-updates mailing list to receive email notifications of these events.

Using Jazz++ with Windows on the x86 PC

This documentation is currently work in progress - come back soon!

Using Jazz++ with Mac OSX on the Mac

This documentation is also work in progress - come back soon!

Using Jazz++ with Linux on the x86/x86_64 PC

Sections of this documentation are being added to right now. For Linux users, the highlights of new content includes sections on setting up a MIDI 'softsynth' (as used by the Jazz++ developers) and how to resolve 'real time' performance issues under Linux.

The lastest versions of this and other Jazz++ documentation is always included in the current svn source code. To access this documentation (as part of Jazz++ itself), click on Help/Contents menu item - a window will appear allowing you to browse the current inbuilt user manual. As time permits and content matures, links to all documentation will appear here.

Check out an ancient version of the Jazz++ online docs by visiting the manual page.

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