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Getting Jazz++ from Subversion

Our Subversion repository is hosted by SourceForge. Subversion, in case you don't already know, is a way to allow multiple developers scattered all over the world to collaborate with one another on the same software and store the source code in a central location, accessible to all.

Linux distributions and Mac OS X supply command-line clients for Subversion. TortoiseSVN is an easy to use Subversion client for Windows that is integrated into the windows explorer.

The code in the Subversion repository can be unstable at times. Building the code will take a little effort on your part, but we have provided detailed instructions for building the source code, so this process should also be possible for "non-developers" to complete successfully.

Since Jazz++ is currently in a development state, code from the Subversion repository is the best place to get the latest fixes and features as they are added. Until we reach the point where we are creating binaries for people to download, we hope and encourage you to give building Jazz++ from Subversion a try.

If you do build Jazz++ from the Subversion repository to try it out, and in that process think you have discovered a bug or other problem with the way Jazz++ currently performs, please read our Reporting Bugs page to find out exactly how you can get together the relevant information needed to help developers improve and refine Jazz++.

Retrieving the source using Subversion

To obtain the current development code, type the following in a terminal:

svn co https://jazzplusplus.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jazzplusplus/trunk/jazz jazz

To obtain the entire Subversion repository, including branches with old builds use:

svn co https://jazzplusplus.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/jazzplusplus jazzplusplus
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This project is hosted by SourceForge. Special thanks for SourceForge and the OSDN.